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Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Playing tag with consumers is a risky business

WDG has undertaken many investigations involving consumers using the internet in the last couple of years. We have tracked the customer’s journey from initial category search and research through e-commerce sites and interface with retail companies, and on to final transaction and post purchase experience. We have talked to consumers about their search experiences, the influence […]

Being a woman in business in 2014

POSTED ON January 13th  - POSTED IN Uncategorized
I contribute articles to a wonderful collaborative e-magazine The 3RDi and for the January issue we were invited to comment on being a businesswomen in 2014 – visit for a sneaky peek. The contributions are varied and interesting and all contributors reflect a sense of confidence and fulfilment, although many are women of a certain number of years […]

What is True Brand Loyalty and the Secrets of a Long Shelf Life?

As a company that has spent over two decades talking to customers, consumers, companies and employees there is not much we don’t know about the importance of having a healthy brand. The ideal is to have loyal customers (and employees) who have an emotional and rational connection with the brand based on a promise they […]

Brand MOT – a fail or a pass?

Brand MOT – a fail or a pass? At WDG Research we spend a fair bit of time checking brand health on behalf of our clients. Often when companies approach marketing research agencies like ours they have brands with recognisable identities and customers who have bought in to their proposition. The issue is holding on […]

Google Country Director talks about multichannel marketing and creating a positive customer experience

Google Country Director talks about multichannel marketing and creating a positive customer experience As talk of omnichannel marketing gains momentum amongst the visionaries in the industry, multichannel is still the way forward for most retailers. Getting it right and creating the optimum customer experience is central to success. Peter Fitzgerald, Country Director of Google expresses […]

A random thought to boost business in the community

POSTED ON September 24th  - POSTED IN Business Leadership, General Stuff, Networking, SME Marketing, Social Media
Do you ever ask yourself whose responsibility this is? Aren’t Central and local government and the Bank of England tasked with this? If your business is doing well and has been one of the success stories to rise out of the recession then hearty congratulations. Your success is no doubt offering a boost in employment […]
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