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Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Would you buy a car without a test drive?

POSTED ON October 20th  - POSTED IN Brand Health, Customer Satisfaction, Market Research
Assuming the answer is a resounding “Of course not!” then why would you ever plan and run a marketing campaign without checking that it works in all the essential areas first? Like buying a new car, marketing campaigns tend to consume your time and money, but if properly planned they will undoubtedly reward this investment. Part of the planning […]

Lets Focus on Leadership!

POSTED ON October 4th  - POSTED IN Business Leadership, General Stuff, Personal Branding
Shakespeare’s Malvolio in Twelfth Night was a gullible fool of a man, not a leader by any stretch of the imagination, but he was motivated to believe he could achieve greater things by the words of another. Though in this case the words were contained in a letter that was intended as a prank, but […]

Customer Loyalty – does it exist?

The golden chalice of any business is having raving fans who return time after time to enjoy the great experience of a good service or product. More than that, these customers exude positive messages to their contacts about their experience thereby inviting more customers and hopefully more raving fans. But how many businesses enjoy customer […]

Are you your own brand?

Having a strong brand in marketing terms means that it has a positive and consistent image amongst its customers. However, the growth in social and business networking on-line and face to face has given the marketing game a new twist and an important new role: the personal brand.  This is hailed as the new marketing phenomenon and is […]

Hello World!

POSTED ON January 30th  - POSTED IN General Stuff, Market Research
Welcome to our world – the world of WDG Research where great ideas are transformed into business successes time after time. We have been around for ever and have built good working relationships with other marketing suppliers who we happily recommend for their first class services or if you prefer we can provide a complete marketing […]
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